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You are what you eat

“The very essence of Naturopathy is diet; from this many ailments can be cured, claims Dr. Suresh Kumar. A very old science… ”

Khaleej Times
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After just three weeks, I felt more energetic

More and more people are actively searching for ways to get better. In Zin they tell about this. A natural cure - naturopathy, helped Mrs. M. get rid of her hypoglycemia and fatigue complaints.
Mrs. M.: “Dr. Kumar takes the time for you and explains why certain foods are good for your body. I can conquer the world again. I work full-time again and yet I have enough energy in the evening to undertake all kinds of things. I have referred many people to Dr. Kumar. He achieves amazing results especially with chronic intestinal complaints, eczema and even with cancer. He helped my friend to get rid of his intestinal complaints and my mother is free of any medications, after a long period with a lot of medication.”

Indian nature cure doctor comes to your home

“Terminal lung cancer patient extends life, is energetic and pain-free after a few months of Kumar’s therapy. Gerrit: “You can believe it or not, but I feel fit as a fiddle. I no longer have a back pain. I go up the stairs with two steps at a time and I take long walks. My general practitioner really doesn't understand it. He speaks of a miracle…”

Natural healing method

"Among the circle of natural healing he is being greeted with jubilation. Some general practitioners are a little suspicious about it. But gradually he is obtaining a stronger foothold on Dutch land. The nature cure doctor Dr. S. Kumar (32) from India. In December 1988 he officially settled in our country (Castricum, The Netherlands). And it has to be said: Since than quite a few patients have been cured from their chronic and acute diseases in a very short time, and without medicine. Just because they kept strictly to what Dr. Kumar told them..."
Nieuwsblad Gezondheidszorg
(Medical Press Publication for Physicians by Dr. Hollander, General Practitioner)1989

Dirty gut cause disease. You are what you eat.

To live healthy and happy.
“The Indian Dr. Kumar is committed to convincing doctors and patients that proper nutrition, good digestion and therefore clean intestines are the prerequisites for a healthy system. Incorrect digestion is, according to Dr. Kumar, the source of many ailments… ”

Healthy diet and exercise is the key to a healthy you!

“The core of naturopathy is the belief that positive food and a lifestyle that is simple, organic and natural is the solution to a good and healthy way of life…”
Gulf News

Can you eat away cancer?

“On February 22, Mr. F. was diagnosed with lung cancer. According to the specialist who treated him, there was nothing more that could be done. He did receive eight more radiations to combat the pain. Mr. F. went home with that message. After having followed Dr. Kumar's treatment for several weeks, Mr. F. noticed results. He felt a lot better and a lot more active. A checkup of his blood showed that indeed a lot of progress had been made. According to Mr. F. nutrition plays a very important role. Dr. Kumar often works together with regular doctors.”
VEGAZET - Old Dutch Health Insurance

The medical world in the Netherlands in turmoil

“Food may be food, but it is also about the style how we eat. We eat very wrong combinations, we eat at the wrong times (even when we are not hungry), we eat during depression, we eat too quickly and we do not chew properly. By correcting those habits, we can improve our health. Dr. Kumar gives us to read dozens of moving letters from patients with cancer, ulcerative colitis, Besnier-Boeck, Crohn's disease, psoriasis, rheumatism, et cetera. They are all healthy and happy again, without medicines and without surgery. Universities bombarded him with requests to give lectures…”
Onze Krant Kennemerland

The natural way to health

“What distinguishes him from other doctors is the fact that he prescribes neither drugs nor surgery for his patients. In his experience most patients have responded quickly and favorably to the course of natural treatment and proper food…”
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