About us

About Our Goal

A Century of Natural Healing

We have been helping tens of thousands of people around the world for more than a hundred years. We, as a family of three generations, have spent many decades fine-tuning and honing our skills as healthcare and medical experts so that we can provide you with the knowledge and support you need to live your life to the fullest. On this page you will learn more about PGNG.

A Personal Touch

We are people who understand the pain and frustration about what comes with painful conditions or lifelong illnesses. We understand how incredibly overwhelming it can become when you do not know how to treat your illness. We want to give you a consistent, natural and sustainable way to maintain a healthier and happier life.

Natural Relief After Years of Frustration

If you have suffered from chronic pain or illness, you can understand the incredible relief you could experience once those symptoms and limits have been removed from your life. Thanks to our nature cure treatments, our patients generally notice incredible results within a fortnight.

Treating the Cause, Not the Symptoms

Conditions like IBS, abscesses, gout, and chronic headaches are caused by deep-rooted imbalances or other issues, and have been proven to not react well to other treatments. 

One of the main priorities of PGNG is that we work to identify, analyze, and treat the true, underlying cause of your condition, not just the surface-level symptoms. We want to help you determine why you are experiencing certain health issues, how to treat them, and what you can do to ensure that you live the healthiest life possible for years to come.

About Global Recognition

When it comes to your healthcare, PGNG understands that you want to know you are getting the very best care possible. With PGNG, you can rest assured that you are in the very best, most knowledgeable and caring hands.

We’ve impressed countless allopathic doctors by treating them and their patients and proving to the health authorities, with proper, accurate documents, that nature truly does heal. As a testament to this, allopathic doctors in the 1980’s used part of our knowledge to improve their practises and acknowledge our credibility in this specific field of medicine.

From ministers to medical professionals, we’ve garnered the respect and attention of countless experts thanks to the effectiveness and results of our nature cure treatments. We have even been recognised for our work by Her Majesty herself and many head of States.

We hope you’ll give us the chance to exceed your expectations as we’ve done for thousands of others around the world. Simply reach out to us today and we’ll start working towards giving you a life that you’ll enjoy living.